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Who We Are:

Thank you for your interest in the products and services provided by SOLAYRE MEDIA, INC. We are a dynamic telecommunications consulting firm sharply focused on all aspects of wireless system development, implementation, and maintenance. SOLAYRE MEDIA's history has evolved in response to the need in the wireless arena to provide comprehensive consulting services to engineering and other technical departments within the industry. Our companies foundation is built on the partner's extensive background in engineering, designing, constructing and maintaining wireless systems for some of the most successful cellular, paging, broadcast, PCS, and government carriers in the industry. SOLAYRE MEDIA has an established reputation as a solution provider with many Fortune 500 companies. We are continually expanding to meet the ever-increasing requirements placed on our company. SOLAYRE MEDIA's team of multi-disciplined professionals offers the real world experience necessary to ensure the highest degree of network and product reliability.

What We Do:

At SOLAYRE MEDIA we believe in, and promote, a teamwork approach. We routinely provide on-site consultants to work as team members for SOLAYRE MEDIA customers. We are also poised to provide a great deal of off-site support and services from our offices. SOLAYRE MEDIA provides comprehensive solutions for the everyday challenges encountered by the wireless industry. Here are some of the services SOLAYRE MEDIA provides:

RF & Network Design System Performance & Optimization Installation & Maintenance
Project Management FAA/FCC Regulatory Compliance Architectural & Engineering

SOLAYRE MEDIA, INC. offers comprehensive turnkey solutions to the communications industry.

Our Mission, Our Vision

SOLAYRE MEDIA believes that clearly defined values, goals and aspirations are very important in defining ourselves to our clients as well as establishing a focus and standard for our employees.

Our Mission
To lead in providing quality, value & ethics through exceptional performance; with the highest degree of dedication and professionalism, ultimately resulting in absolute customer satisfaction
Our Vision
To have the Best people providing the Best turnkey systems and the Best global solutions for the Telecommunications Industry

How We Can Help:

Whether you are designing a new wireless network, adding additional sites, or need skilled technicians to install and maintain telecommunications equipment, SOLAYRE MEDIA's team of multi-disciplined professionals are ready and able to assist you with all of your engineering requirements.

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